Families who care for our future, love Kőszeg & the Naturpark

Eco-Tourism in Írottkő Natúrpark

The majestic Forests of Kőszeg-Mountains have been preserved by our Culture and even by the Iron Curtain. The air & the Climate is therapeutic here! Sustainable ways of living of the past and the future shake hands in Kőszeg!

Since 1997 we follow the most modern Austrian development, the Naturpark model. Human qualities, human interrelations, and strong ecological orientation is our driving force in tourism as well as in everyday life in Kőszeg! In 2009 the European Commission acknowleged this, ever since Kőszeg and the Írottkő Natúrpark is the leading ecotouristic attraction in Hungary!

We have this two trademarks: the Natúrpark that we established more than 20 years ago, and the EDEN-prise, the European Destination of Excellence! Come and enjoy the Nature with us!

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