Spectacular and varied choreographic elements, dynamic performance

Ataru Taiko percussion group

The ATARU TAIKO group was established in 2006 with the help of Emil Vörös and his students, who had performed a lot together and individually also before this multi-year period. They had tried themselves in various musical genre, until they finally had found the taiko, as a group drumstyle. From the end of 2007 the group function in association form.

In the years since then the band has given approximately 400 concerts which performances had great success without exception due to that fact that the formation gives to the audience a drum theater coloured by spectacular and diverse choreographic elements which is famous for its energetic performance style and dynamism. The band's performances offer great recreational opportunities, regardless of the age in the demanding entertainment seekers. The stage appearance and instrument collection were formed following the japanese traditions taking into account the characteristics of the genre.

In the life of the formation plays an important role the fully self-organized "SAKURA" concerts founded by traditional purpose, which took place at first time in April 2008. The significance of this event is that at this time the annually variable stage productions is presented. In 2015 with this traditional purpose was also organized for the first time the so called "Kráter koncert" which was held in the crater of Mount Ság in Celldömölk. Each summer thousands of people step through the japanese Tori gate of Ataru Taiko to the calling voice of drums to feel the beat of Europe's largest taiko drum in the volcano crater in a switched dimension.

The number of active members of the Taiko Ataru: 10 people
Maximum running time: 1-2 hours
Art Director: Emil Vörös
Organization: Emil Vörös