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Kőszegi származású, világot járt fiatalember, közgazdász vagyok. Hazatérve szülővárosomba rengeteg olyan dolog fogta meg a tekintetem, melyek előtte nem tűntek fel. Ezeket és a város értékeit igyekszem projektjeimben megjeleníteni, bemutatni, Kőszeget és környékét érdekesebbé, tartalmasabbá és vonzóbbá tenni.
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Kőszeg in pictures

We invite you on an Adventure: when you look at these pictures, you will be part of that unparalelled athmosphere, that is recurrently referred to by people living in Kőszeg and by those visiting us. Romantic inner city walks and light excursions in the Kőszeg alpin mountains may be experienced in these pictures, however we can surely tell you: Kőszeg is even nicer in reality! You have to be here to believe it...

How is best to get to know a City?

A friend or an acquaintance who knows and loves the place may give us the best orientation. On our "Kőszeg in Pictures" page, we invite acquaintances who volunteer to introduce our city and our life through their eyes. We hope you will find more and more presentations here in time...

Andreas Kiss & Kőszeg

„The beautiful inner city of Kőszeg”

„Andreas, this is a marvellous small town! You have to show itt o the World!” – almost all my foreign guest tell this to me when we first walk the beautiful inner city of Kőszeg.

„The Treasure Box of Hungary”

Our almost untouched inner city, that is almost unparalleled in Hungary, enchantes all visitors. The Jurisics Square is probably the nicest barock square in the Country.

„The Romantic Town of Hungary”

Breathtaking nature, thrilling architecture, silent small streets and squares enchant the visitor.No wonder, that Kőszeg is told to be one of the most romantic towns in Hungary.

„Kőszeg & the Kőszeg Wines”

The hundreds of years of traditional winemaking makes our stay in Kőszeg even sweeter and joyful.

„Kőszeg & the Beer”

In Kőszeg not only the Wine but also the beer has its tradition. The late 19th Century brought the beer to Kőszeg, but the IIWW erased even the Factory. In 2016 I had the idea that I shall reintroduce the old Kőszeg beer sortiments and beer culture. I created the Kőszeg Beer (Kőszegi Sör) at remembering the 120th anniversary of the first beer factory in Kőszeg.

„Kőszeg is a castle-town”

Kőszeg is unique in Hungary that it is planned and built as castle and town together! When Kőszeg people protected the castle, they protected the town with, since the town wall circled both. It is also unique in Hungary that the historical town-wall of Kőszeg can be traced in most parts untouched.

„Voluntary Cashier”

long respected tradition that fresh vegies, fruits and flowers can be bought ont he street „from a chair”. Noone protects the cashier, but everyone respects it! It is small scale, comes directly from the garden, and it is one of the pride of Kőszeg.

„Breathtaking points for excursions”

Points of excursions that may be approached from the city: Calvary Mountain, Suleiman Sightseeing Tower. Kőszeg is in harmony with Nature, with the neighboring mountains, the alpin hillsides, the fresh air and the subalpin climate.

The Calvary Chapel

It is not far from the city center. There is a beautiful view onto the old town and the neighbouring hills. You can find the Trianon Cross not far from the Chapel, remembering the treaty after the IWW, and the regions legally cut of from Hungary and Kőszeg.

Suleiman Sightseeing Tower

The town-legend suggests that Suleiman watched the Ottoman Siege onto Kőszeg from this very point. Again a pivotal view onto the old town.

Írottkő Sightseeing Tower

Írottkő is the highest point west of Budapest in Hungary, as well as in Burgenland, Austria. Half of the tower stands on Austrian, half on Hungarian land. The Iron Curtain line can be traced even today from the tower, as different kind of trees were planted along the line. The view onto the Alps, the Hungarian western lowlands is wonderful – from Sopron till the Balaton hills!

Cellars of Cák

It is an honour to visit the traditional villages around Kőszeg. A must to visit are the Cellars of Cák, that represent the wine traditions of the region. Kőszeg hides thousands of little secrets, legends and values. That is why they call it: the tresure box of Hungary. It is worthwhile to visit Kőszeg in all season – for all occasion!

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