ACTAGE (English)

The project « ACTAGE (THE YOUNG AND THE ELDERLY – ACTIVE AGING) » was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme "Europe for Citizens"


The project

Within the network of our towns, the project will promote the debate on the future of Europe by addressing and discussing the topic of Europe’s aging population and the issues arising from this fact. Focus will be on local level, comparing the local and national policy’s /initiatives/ best practice examples in 12 different municipality’s and countries throughout Europe. During 6 international events the participants will be engaged in a wide range of intergenerational activities focusing on the active involvement of youth and senior citizens. Project will address Euroscepticism among seniors and contribute towards the fact-based opinion making of the juniors. Expected outcomes of the project are:
  • - Photographic exposition (photography’s made during each event and throughout the project duration on the basis of photographic contest for students, ) Topic of the exposition: intergenerational cooperation/juniors for seniors, solidarity
  • - 12 Faces of Age-e-booklet (comparison between the municipalities in the field of quality of living of senior citizens, including the views from the standpoint of citizens living there)
  • - final report (promising practices, guidelines for other cities, recommendations to the regional and national authorities)

The project partners

The project includes 12 partner towns – 11 of them are Douzelage towns: Škofja Loka (Slovenia), Judenburg (Austria), Bad Kötzting (Germany), Asikkala (Finland), Bundoran (Ireland), Sušice (Czech Republic), Rokiškis (Lithuania), Kőszeg (Hungary), Holstebro (Denmark), Siret (Romania), Meerssen (Netherlands), and the city of Kruja (Albania). The municipality of Škofja Loka is the leading partner

The Events

Within the project, we will organize 6 thematic events that will take place between September 2019 and May 2021 in five partner towns: Škofja Loka, Judenburg, Kőszeg, Kruja and Bad Kötzting.

These 6 events which will take place in 5 partner towns according to the following schedule:

  • Škofja Loka, Slovenia (26.09.2019 – 28.09.2019);
  • Judenburg, Austria (12.03.2020 – 14.03. 2020);
  • Škofja Loka, Slovenia (07.05.2020 – 10.05.2020);
  • Kőszeg, Hungary (27.08.2020 – 29.08.2020);
  • Kruja, Albania (20.11.2020 – 22.11.2020);
  • Bad Kötzting, Germany (spring/summer 2021).

Event 1


The event involved 50 citizens, including 24 participants from the city of Škofja Loka, Slovenia; 2 participants from the city of Judenburg, Austria; 2 participants from the city of Kőszeg, Hungary; 2 participants from the city of Bad Kötzting, Germany; 2 participants from the city of Chojna, Poland; 4 participants from the city of Sušice, Czech Republic; 2 participants from the city of Siret, Romania; 2 participants from the city of Rokiškis, Lithuania; 2 participants from the city of Rovinj, Croatia; 2 participants from the city of Meerssen, Netherland; 2 participants from the city of Maasmechelen, Belgium. 2 representatives from Sherborne, UK and 3 representatives from Sesimbra, Portugal also took part in the meeting. (Due to problems with Adria Airways airline, participation was truncated as delegations from Denmark, Sweden and Albania had to cancel their trips.) Albania was thus represented by an ambassador accredited to the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Pëllumb Qazimi.

Location / Dates:

The event took place in Skofja Loka, Slovenia from 26/09/2019 to 28/09/2019.

Short description:

The main topic is to achieve successful Intergenerational coexistence of population and transfer of good practices from partner towns. The aging of the population is a pressing issue for the whole European Union, and upon completion of this project, we want use our newly acquired knowledge and understanding to become an elderly-friendly municipality. Work topics of the meetings will include elderly care, e-literacy, intergenerational cooperation, accessibility, participation and participatory budget.

The introductory event of the project entitled ''An International Meeting of Mayors on the topic of Development and Exchange of Participatory Practices''
Mayors, deputy mayors and directors of municipal administrations from twinned and partner towns actively participated in the international meeting on the current topic of participation, which took place on Friday, September 27th , 2019 at Sokolski dom in Škofja Loka.
After the introductory greeting by Tine Radinja, the Mayor of Škofja Loka, Miha Ješe, who is in charge of international cooperation and Annigje Kruytbosch, the president of the Douzelage Association, the official program of the international meeting began.
The programme of the conference, which focused on various forms of public participation, was carried out in English by hosts Alenka Blazinšek Domenis and Matej Cepin.
Following the introductory presentation of the central topic, methods and goals of the meeting, Raf Terwingen, the Mayor of the twinned town Maasmechelen, Elke Florian, Deputy Mayor of Judenburg in Styria (Austria), and Janez Černe from the neighbouring Municipality of Kranj, presented selected examples of good participatory practices. A common thread of various successful practices is in creating and building trust that strengthens the community and cooperation, in introducing practices that are very inclusive, can be used by all citizens, are sustainable and encourage (intergenerational) cooperation.
In the second part, the two hosts introduced the step-by-step process and procedures that led to the introduction, implementation and functioning/operating of the participatory budget in the municipality of Ajdovščina, where the employees have done pioneering work in this field in Slovenia.
In the final part of the international meeting, participants took part in the workshop, presented ideas and made concrete suggestions on how participation could be implemented and how it could be successful for the elderly and the young in their local communities.
Upon completion of the workshops, the participants were informed about the future course of events and about the programme of the international project Europe for Citizens, which will culminate with the organization of an international conference in Škofja Loka, in May 2020.
In the evening part of the meeting, the participants discussed the topic addressed and made plans about the organisation and contents of the next five meetings, which will be held in Judenburg, Škofja Loka, Kőszeg, Kruja and Bad Kötzting.