pearl of Pannonia!

Kőszeg, everybody’s favourite

One of the most charming towns in Hungary, with fantastic events, a unique, historical city centre, and lovely residents. There’s always something in this jewel-box, for which it’s worth opening.

Living traditions of Kőszeg

151 year old brass band, widely known open-air theatre, internationally acknowledged Japanese drum band, gastronomic festivals and unique exhibitions with an intimate atmosphere and historical scenery.

Kőszeg keeps you awake

Starting from Kőszeg, the land provides excellent hiking routes/paths - one can go all the way to the Stájer-házak, to Hétforrás (Seven Fountains), to the Watchtower (Óház) or one can also have look around from the lookout built on top of Írottkő, from where the panorama of the Alps unfolds.

Try the tastes of Kőszeg and stay with us for another night!

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Programmes and festivals in Kőszeg

There is a wide range of programmes in Kőszeg, so from time to time we are going to introduce the highlights of the next few weeks. We have collected all the greatest programmes in and around Kőszeg. Take a look at the programme calendar!